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Frequently updated information on Eastbourne, East Sussex and its Sovereign Harbour. For newcomers seeking an attractive, flat, disability/mobility-friendly scenic and strategic locale with most relevant goods and services nearby, Sovereign Harbour, part of Eastbourne's Sovereign Ward, is one of the best relocation places in Britain. But it is also the most expensive because of higher council taxes the methodology of which has not changed in 27 years, plus flood defence charges of the type levied nowhere else in the world. They cover a much wider geographical area than just Sovereign Harbour but to date only Sovereign Harbour flat owners are presently required to pay the annual costs, objected to by many residents.

Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

A guide specifically for new residents of and visitors to this town on the south east coast

Thursday, June 22, 2017

By Keith A. Forbes and his wife Lois Ann Forbes at keithforbes01@btinternet.com. Both disabled, they live in Eastbourne at Sovereign Harbour and write, administer and webmaster this website. Keith is a member of the UK's The Society of Authors and an international consumer activist for the disabled.

Eastbourne  town profile Eastbourne  & UK Council Tax injustices Eastbourne Disability Concerns
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Eastbourne pinpointed

Eastbourne basics

Eastbourne landmarks

Eastbourne, East Sussex. Latitude and longitude 50.768 and 0.2905. Postcodes BN20 to BN23. Only 1.6 hours from central London by rail.  Not a city, instead a large coastal town, pebble (not fine sand) beach seaside resort and borough in the non-metropolitan county of East Sussex on the south coast of England, 19 miles (31 km) east of Brighton. Eastbourne is immediately to the east of Beachy Head, the highest chalk sea cliff in Great Britain. It has a seafront consisting largely of largely internally and internally modernized Victorian hotels, a distinctive pier recently renovated by a community-minded private investor, a Napoleonic era fort and military museum and three distinctive, historic but local-authority neglected Martello towers constructed by the British Army when invasion seemed possible by Napoleonic forces. Although  Eastbourne is a relatively new town, there is evidence of human occupation in the area from the Stone Age. The town grew as a fashionable tourist resort largely thanks to prominent landowner, William Cavendish, later to become the Duke of Devonshire. His ancestors included one who founded Devonshire Parish in the islands of Bermuda (website by this author). That district has as its heraldic crest that of the Cavendish concerned. Eastbourne was developed by Cavendish from 1859 from four separate hamlets. He appointed architect Henry Currey to design a street plan for the town after sending him to Europe to draw inspiration.

Eastbourne by air

Anti-Social Behavior Policy Consultation

See http://www.eastbourne.gov.uk/about-the-council/consultations/anti-social-behaviour-policy-consultation/ 

Bespoke Cycling Group

See http://bespokecyclegroup.org.uk/

Coaster Brighton to Eastbourne buses

See http://www.buses.co.uk/page.shtml?pageid=1345. 

Continental Market days at Eastbourne Seafront

See http://www.visiteastbourne.com/Eastbourne-Eastbourne-Seafront/details/?dms=3&venue=3416006&feature=4 

Eastbourne Air Show

See http://www.eastbourneairshow.com/17- 20 August 2017. Voted UK's best free airshow, see fast jets, aerobatics, military displays, pleasure flights, fireworks and the Airborne Live stage all return in August. Regular favourites include the Red Arrows, Chinook, Typhoon and much more

eastbourneair show 2016

A thrilling 3-day weekend affair every mid-August. One of town's biggest and best attractions. 

Eastbourne Angling

See http://www.eastbourneangling.co.uk 

Eastbourne Archers

See http://eastbournearchers.btck.co.uk 

Eastbourne Art Circle

See http://www.eastbourneartscircle.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ArtsCirclenewsletter1MARCH-2014.pdf

Eastbourne Astronomical Society

See http://eastbourneas.org.uk/

Eastbourne Auctions

See https://www.eastbourneauction.com/

Eastbourne Bandstand

See http://www.eastbournebandstand.co.uk/?spektrix_bounce=true. For disabled visitors see http://www.eastbournebandstand.co.uk/your-visit/access/?spektrix_bounce=true

Eastbourne Beaches

Beachfront is not sand but flint pebbles. There are local ordnances specifying that from May 1 to September1 dogs cannot go on beaches and all dogs must be on leashes and dog owners must scoop up all messes laid by their dogs. Visitors and newcomers should read Eastbourne Borough Council (EBC) notices re dogs. For example, at http://www.eastbourne.gov.uk/residents/dogs-and-animal-welfare/.

Eastbourne's Beachy Head

See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beachy_Head

Eastbourne Bonfire Society Procession and Fireworks

7th October 2017. See http://www.visiteastbourne.com/Eastbourne-Eastbourne-Seafront/details/?dms=3&venue=3416006&feature=2 

Eastbourne Books

Eastbourne Bourne Chorus

See http://bournechorus.co.uk/about-us/

Eastbourne Bowling

See Eastbourne Royal Sovereign Bowls Club at https://royalsovereignbowls.wordpress.com/

Eastbourne Calendar of Coming Events

See http://www.visiteastbourne.com/events/thedms.aspx?dms=12&msg=Events+in+Eastbourne

Eastbourne Carpet and Seafront Gardens

See http://www.eastbourne.gov.uk/residents/leisure-and-events/parks/carpet/ and http://www.visiteastbourne.com/Eastbourne-Carpet-Gardens/details/?dms=3&venue=3402950

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce

See http://www.eastbourneunltd.co.uk/

Eastbourne Choral Society

See http://www.eastbournechoralsociety.org.uk/events.htm

Eastbourne Churches/Places of Worship

See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_places_of_worship_in_Eastbourne and https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=eastbourne+churches&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari#istate=lrl:xpd


Eastbourne Citizens Advice

See http://www.eastbournecab.co.uk/ 

Eastbourne Classical Singers

See http://www.msmusic.co.uk/Search/Classical_Singers/Eastbourne.html

Eastbourne Conference & wedding venues

See http://www.conferenceeastbourne.com/thedms-weddings.aspx?dms=11&groupid=4&catid=40&itemtype=212&easi=true 

Eastbourne Crematorium


Eastbourne Estate Agents

They include:

Buying or renting or leasing a domestic property by newcomers. Probably one of the best website places for newcomers to search for all properties for sale is Right Move. See www.rightmove.co.uk with its comprehensive but easy-to-use website. It lists a huge number of Eastbourne properties for sale (use the Eastbourne only section), rent or lease and also shows the estate agents involved. Most of the latter make a point of using Right Move. 

Also see local house and flat prices at  http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices.htm?location=eastbourne

Important points to note:

Eastbourne Features & History

See http://www.eastbourneinks.co.uk/discover-eastbourne.pdf

Eastbourne Fishing

See http://eastbournefishermen.co.uk/index.html

Eastbourne Fishermen's Club

See http://www.fishermensclub.co.uk/. Sports and social club for members.

Eastbourne Golf Clubs

See https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=eastbourne+golf+clubs&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari

Eastbourne Hospitality Association

See http://www.eastbournehotels.org.uk/contact.html. Works with Eastbourne tourism officials to set tourism development policy and Tourist Accommodation areas - in the town but not in Sovereign Harbour. A closed shop of accommodation owners. Most places abroad have long abandoned the policy of letting accommodation providers alone determine what their Tourism Accommodation boundaries should be. In Eastbourne, they are confined to the town or nearby on its western side, see http://planningpolicyconsult.eastbourne.gov.uk/consult.ti/TAR_SPD/viewCompoundDoc?docid=8089684&sessionid=&voteid=&partId=8090292, There are none at all in Sovereign Harbour, now one of Eastbourne's major tourism and visitor attractions

Eastbourne Hospitals

Provided by the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. Hospitals are Eastbourne District General Hospital at http://www.esht.nhs.uk/hospitals/eastbournedgh/ , King's Drive, Eastbourne BN21 2UD. Phone 01323 417400 and Conquest Hospital, St. Leonard's, Hastings,see http://www.esht.nhs.uk/hospitals/conquest/. For car parking at Eastbourne District General Hospital see http://www.myhospitalmap.org.uk/Eastbourne/CarParkingatEastbourneDistrictGeneralHospital.aspx   

Eastbourne DistrictHospital

Eastbourne District General Hospital

Eastbourne Hot Air Balloon Festival

See http://www.visiteastbourne.com/Eastbourne-Hot-Air-Balloon-Festival/details/?dms=3&feature=1000&venue=3402927&AskRedirect=true

29 and 30 July 2017 at Hampden Park.

Eastbourne Ladies with Hats

See http://www.ladieswithhats.com/#/latest-news/4542193221

Eastbourne Local History Society

See http://www.eastbournehistory.org.uk/timeline.php

Eastbourne Martello Towers 64 and 66

Martello Tower 64 on Sovereign North Harbour beach

Martello Tower 64. Photo cc Keith and Lois Forbes

Unique to South east coast of England, with only two of them ever built abroad (at then-British Army posts in Barbuda, Caribbean and Bermuda, North Atlantic). Martello Tower 64 is a historic monument and includes both a Martello tower and a World War II gun emplacement on top of it, situated on a shingle beach to the north east of Eastbourne, at Sovereign Harbour North, mid-way between Langney Point and Pevensey Bay. The tower, which is Listed Grade II, lies around 1km north east of its surviving neighbor, tower no 66.  There is no longer a Martello Tower 64, it was washed out to sea. Martello tower 64 retains many of its original components. It is one (like 66) of the surviving examples of a series of low-lying towers, designed to defend a specific stretch of coastline. The addition of a gun emplacement during World War II represents the continued significance of this defensive position well into the 20th century.  Martello towers were gun towers constructed to defend the vulnerable south eastern coast of England against the threat of ship-borne invasion by Napoleonic forces. They were built as a systematic chain of defence in two phases, between 1805-1810 along the coasts of East Sussex and Kent, and between 1808- 1812 along the coasts of Essex and Suffolk. They are referred to as Martello Towers because their design was based on a fortified tower at Martello Point in Corsica which had put up a prolonged resistance to British forces in 1793. The towers take the form of compact, free-standing circular buildings on three levels built of rendered brick. The towers of the south coast were numbered 1-74 from east to west, while those of the east coast were identified by a system of letters (A-Z, and then AA-CC) from south to north. Although they exhibit a marked uniformity of design, minor variations are discernible between the southern and eastern groups and amongst individual towers, due mainly to the practice of entrusting their construction to local sub-contractors. Most southern towers are elliptical in plan, whilst the eastern group are oval or cam-shaped externally, with axes at the base ranging between 14.4m by 13.5m and 16.9m by 17.7m. All are circular internally, the battered (inwardly sloping) walls of varying thicknesses, but with the thickest section invariably facing the seaward side. Most stand to a height of around 10m. Many Martello towers are surrounded by dry moats originally encircled by counterscarp banks, and/or have cunettes (narrower water defences) situated at the foot of the tower wall. The ground floor was used for storage, with accommodation for the garrison provided on the first floor, and the main gun platform on the roof. The southern towers carried a single 24 pounder cannon, whilst the eastern line carried three guns (usually a 24 pounder cannon and two shorter guns or howitzers). Three large, circular ten- gun towers known as redoubts were also constructed at particularly vulnerable points, at Dymchurch, Eastbourne and Harwich. All three survive. As the expected Napoleonic invasion attempt did not materialize, the defensive strength of the Martello tower system was never tested, and the tower design was soon rendered obsolete by new developments in heavy artillery. Many were abandoned and fell into decay or were demolished during the 19th century, although some continued in use into the 20th century as signaling or coastguard stations and a few saw use as look out points or gun emplacements during the two World Wars. Of the original 74 towers on the south coast, 26 now survive, and of the 29 on the east coast, 17 now survive. Those which survive well and display a diversity of original components are considered to merit protection.

Eastbourne Media and Newspapers

Eastbourne Museums and Redoubt

See http://www.eastbournemuseums.co.uk/ and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastbourne_Redoubt

Eastbourne Model Power Boat Club

See http://empbc.org.uk/

Eastbourne Model Yacht Club

See http://edmyc.org.uk/

Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch Association

See http://www.enwa.org.uk/

Eastbourne Petrol Prices and outlets

See https://www.petrolprices.com/members-search.html?search=Eastbourne,%20United%20Kingdom&latlng=50.768035,0.2904720000000225. Presently £1.17 and £1.19 sterling a litre, for unleaded and diesel, respectively. There are a number of petrol stations in the town.

Eastbourne Photographic Society

See http://www.epscameraclub.co.uk/

Eastbourne Police

Eastbourne Restaurants


Eastbourne Schools

See https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=eastbourne+schools&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari. Primary and secondary schools are in the town and region. School buses serve many local residential areas.

Eastbourne Shopping malls

Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club

See http://web.sailing-at-eastbourne.co.uk/

Eastbourne Symphony Orchestra

See http://www.eso.org.uk/

Eastbourne Sovereign Centre

See http://www.eastbourneleisurecentres.com/SOVEREIGN_CENTRE/. Not part of Sovereign Harbour but near it. A new one is shortly to be built adjacent to the present one, and will eventually replace the latter.

Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival at Eastbourne Seafront

See http://www.visiteastbourne.com/Eastbourne-Eastbourne-Seafront/details/?dms=3&venue=3416006&feature=6 

Eastbourne Supermarkets

Shopping shopping 2 shopping 3

Eastbourne Taxis

See https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=eastbourne+taxis&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari

Eastbourne Theatres

Congress Theatre

Congress Theatre

Several, including Congress Theatre, a Grade II listed, purpose built, modern theatre and conference venue with a seating capacity of 1,689. Designed by Bryan and Norman Westwood Architects, the theatre was built in 1963 and houses touring West End theatre, ballet, comedy, live music and opera. See https://www.eastbournetheatres.co.uk/. Also the Royal Hippodrome, see http://royalhippodrome.com/ and Underground Theatre, see http://undergroundtheatre.co.uk/ 

Eastbourne to Hastings via Bexhill Walk

See https://www.walkingclub.org.uk/walk/eastbourne-to-hastings-via-bexhill/

Eastbourne Trains and Stations in the town's area

Operator, Southern Railway, see http://www.southernrailway.com/tickets-and-fares/ticket-types/advance/

Hampden Park (Sussex) (Approx. 3 miles away)
Polegate (Approx. 5 miles away)
Pevensey & Westham (Approx. 5 miles away)
Pevensey Bay (Approx. 5 miles away)

Eastbourne's Towner Art Gallery

See http://www.townereastbourne.org.uk/

European Law and its affect on Britain

See http://www.postgraduate-courses.net/articles/european_law.htm 

HMS Holland 5

See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Holland_5. A world War 1 submarine that sank five or so miles from Beachy Head, Eastbourne

Pevensey Bay Sailing Club

See http://www.pbsc.eu/

Pevensey Coastal Defence

See http://www.pevensey-bay.co.uk/sovereign-harbour.html

Pevensey Timeline

See http://pevenseytimeline.co.uk/the-crumbles-green-coat-murder/ for rich local history.

Sovereign Harbour and marinas, facilities and shops

Sussex Historic Churches Trust

See http://www.sussexhistoricchurchestrust.org.uk/

Sussex Song Makers

See http://www.thesussexsongmakers.co.uk/about_us

Tennis, Aegon Iinternational

See https://www3.lta.org.uk/fans-major-events/LTA-summer-grass-court-events/Aegon-International/About/Venue-Information/ 

University of Brighton, Eastbourne

See https://www.brighton.ac.uk/living-here/eastbourne/index.aspx

University of the 3rd Age, Eastbourne

See https://u3asites.org.uk/eastbourne-central/home 

Walking for Wellness

See https://www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/walkfinder/eastbourne-age-concern-walking-for-wellness. Eastbourne Age Concern.

Willingdon and Jevington

See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willingdon_and_Jevington.  

Eastbourne  town profile Eastbourne  & UK Council Tax injustices Eastbourne Disability Concerns
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